We were founded in 1976 with a singular purpose, and we exist today for the same purpose: to meet the market demand for high quality, affordable, flexible duct.

Where to find us
Quietflex has a nationwide footprint, with four facilities strategically located across the country. This allows us to be responsive to our customers’ needs anywhere in the United States.

Where to find us:

  • Houston, TX (opened 1995)
  • Phoenix, AZ (opened 2002, expanded 2008)
  • Groveland, FL (opened 2006, expanded 2016)
  • Scranton, PA (opened 2008)

Why we've grown

We began producing fiberglass in 1997, and it quickly found its way to a variety of niche markets, including semi-cured for automotive molders, resilient blankets for liquid natural gas tanks, duct liner and die cut for HVAC applications, and a variety of other versatile blankets.

From the home garage of an HVAC contractor to four state-of-the-art-facilities, Quietflex has enjoyed consistent growth since 1976. We develop superior products for the many industries we serve, and we excel at rapidly fulfilling customer requirements. Our reduced lead-times help our distributor partners reduce inventory while maintaining customer service to the contractor.