Need die-cut and fabricated fiberglass? We are at your service.

At Quietflex, we offer die-cut and fabrication services. The ability to laminate, die-cut and offer compression packaging in the same facility where the fiberglass blanket is manufactured brings tremendous convenience and savings to our customers. Just send your requirements to [email or mailing address] and we will be happy to reply with your customized solution.

Why Quietflex for Die-Cut and Fabrication Services?

  • One-stop-shop for fiberglass and fabrication
  • Minimized sourcing needs and scrap
  • Laminating capabilities: UL rating-capable
  • 68″ x 68″ die-cut capability
  • Multiple press capacity
  • Compression-packed shipping


  • HVAC
  • LNG
  • Lighting
  • Gaskets
  • Appliance