The perfect fiberglass blanket for molding applications.

The Quietflex Semi-Cured fiberglass blanket is produced to a semi-cured state, ideal for molding applications. Textile-type glass fibers have been chopped to a maximum length of six inches and bonded with a thermal setting phenolic resin. The glass fibers and the resin are combined in an air lay system that produces a random fiber orientation ideally suited for hot face press molding operations.

Semi-Cured Fiberglass info and advantages

  • Excellent acoustical containment reduces unwanted noise
  • 6-month shelf life eliminates waste of unused product
  • High thermal efficiency reduces heat transfer
  • Increased structural strength and rigidity
  • Easy to handle and mold: high tensile strength allows blanket to be pulled off roll easily
  • Heat resistant and low flammability
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Compression packed: saves freight costs, storage space and protects against damage



  • Automotive
  • Hood liners
  • Dash insulators
  • Engine covers
  • Transmission cowling
  • Other automotive molded components

Recommended storage conditions

  • This product is affected by ambient conditions of heat, light and humidity.
  • Storage conditions: It is recommended that this product be kept in a dry storage area kept at 40ºF–80ºF with a relative humidity of 25%–90% and out of direct sunlight.